Argumentative Research Paper Topics for High School

In high school, students begin to write argumentative research papers rather than persuasive essays. This type of task is much more difficult because it requires conducting a thorough study before you start writing your paper. For this reason, it becomes more difficult to select a good topic that can be adequately investigated.

Topics to Pick for Writing an Argumentative Research Paper

  1. Students should have an opportunity to grade their teachers.
  2. People get more distracted from their activities by technology.
  3. Reality TV often promotes dangerous and harmful stereotypes.
  4. Gender roles shouldn’t be considered as gender requirements.
  5. The Church should be separated from politics.
  6. Students should be taught how to succeed in their social lives over how to succeed in their academic activities.
  7. Office employees shouldn’t be forced to look in accordance with a particular dress code.
  8. Businesses shouldn’t outsource their IT departments.
  9. There should be one currency for all countries.
  10. Companies should regularly hire entry-level employees to always have people with fresh views on things.
  11. Advertisements should include humor elements in order to draw the consumer’s attention.
  12. The perception of the environment is highly affected by a person’s native language.
  13. Schools should use video games as teaching instruments.
  14. Police officers should have the right to confiscate the cars of unlicensed drivers.

Where to Get Examples of an Argumentative Research Paper

If you’re asked to compose such a paper for the first time, you should familiarize yourself with several good samples before you start working. Fortunately, there are many places where you can get the needed templates:

  • Your instructor.
  • It’s likely that a teacher who supervises your work has some decent papers written by the previous students. They should share these examples with you on your request.

  • Your school library.
  • You may get even more samples if you go to this place and search manually for argumentative papers written over the years. Take copies only of well-written academic works.

  • Other students.
  • It’s likely that you have some older friends in your school who know how to write good argumentative papers. You may ask them to provide you with some of their old essays as templates.

  • Academic centers.
  • There are private organizations where students can take additional lessons in academic writing. Such centers should have examples of any types of papers, including argumentative ones.

  • Online sources.
  • The Internet is also full of databases and educational websites where you can get sample papers of comparatively good quality. Some online sources require payment.

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