List Of 12 Compelling Research Paper Topics About Bullying

Bullying is now regarded as a prevalent issue which is commonly found in different schools around the globe. For a fact, this could take several indirect as well as direct forms such as name-calling, social exclusion, physical violence, virulent rumor-spreading, taunting as well as teasing.

In addition, bullying was once perceived as a natural part of growing up; however, it has been now broadly recognized as a pervasive issue that must be addressed with precise preventative efforts. It is worth mentioning that in order to impede youngsters from being harmed by this act, parents and educators must have deeper understanding of the issue and be knowledgeable of the typical characteristics of victims and bullies and be aware with the most systematic and efficient bully-prevention approaches that are used these days.

Due to the reality that bullying is a serious issue; educators consider this as something that students must be aware of. Teachers choose this topic for writing projects and research in order to somehow educate the students about it. When students are given writing task, this will require them to do a thorough research and through this, they could learn more about the topic. This is actually the main objective why educators often choose bullying to be a subject for writing tasks for their students.

Here are some compelling research topics about bullying that you can contemplate on:

  1. Discuss the physiological and psychological effects of bullying to the victim
  2. What types of consequences do children who are bullied suffer?
  3. What makes bullying unethical and relentless?
  4. Discuss the distinction between bullying and teasing
  5. What are the probable reasons behind bullying behaviors?
  6. How harmful or traumatic bullying is to those who are targeted?
  7. What are the traits of children who bully?
  8. What are the things to be done to effectively ward off bullying acts?
  9. What are the proven practices to fight bullying in schools?
  10. Why bullying awareness matters especially to young children?
  11. What are the long-term consequences of bullying?
  12. What nurturing steps can parents and educators take to alleviate bullying in school?

With the ideas mentioned above, you can certainly obtain some insight on what to write and how to get started on your research paper. Refer to credible sources to help you accomplish a good writing project. Approach your teacher for some questions and clearer instructions. Do not hesitate to seek help when you’re having a hard time. Remember it is good to have others who can guide you along the writing process. Have fun writing!

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