Choosing Eye-Catching Research Paper Topics: Creative Ideas For College Students

Okay, so not only have you been tasked with coming up with a paper but you have also been given a completely free reign when it comes to choosing your topic. This can be both liberating and limiting. Of course, it is great to be able to pick your own topic. There is a far greater likelihood of you being invested in something that you have chosen and that you enjoy rather than a paper that has been handed down to you as mandatory.

Clearly, you don’t want to turn in some run-of-the-mill monstrosity. Ideally, you also want your topic to reach out and grab the reader by the throat. You want them to be invested in it. So, just how do you go about choosing eye-catching topics? Here are some creative ideas for all you college students out there!

Choose the opposite

Looking at things from an unconventional or opposing viewpoint can spark some great debates that fire up the imagination. For example, it is very easy and tempting to jump on the healthy-eating bandwagon with a topic such as:

The benefits of healthy eating for kids.

However, why not flip it over and look at:

The reasons why kids who eat junk food are happier and healthier!

Your teacher will be anticipating the first topic, indeed they will probably have to wade through numerous papers on the topic. They are unlikely to see the latter topic! Trust me, there are benefits to eating junk food!

Step away from the pack

The people that tend to succeed in life are the ones that know how to distance themselves from the pack without breaking any rules. Step away from what your classmates are chattering about and think for yourself:

  • What do you want to research?
  • How can you make the topic seem ballsy and eye-catching?

Sometimes you just need a little bit of seasoning

You don’t have to cook an a la carte meal to make it appear a la carte. The blandest of recipes can be turned into culinary masterpieces. The same applies to your topics. Sometimes it makes sense to take a topic that you are fully comfortable with and know inside out and then bring out the flavor; the spice in it. The benefit of doing this is that you can:

  • Conduct your research
  • Write the bulk of the assignment
  • THEN

  • Inject the ingredient that will lift it to the next level.

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