Excellent Research Paper Topics On Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency can easily be included as one of the major problems of this decade. Juvenile is anyone who hasn’t come of age yet, that is they are below the age of eighteen. Crimes committed by juvenile or underage youth have been on a continuous rise. Almost every day in the newspaper one reads at least one article about crimes committed by underage youth. In the thralls of drink and drugs they very often inflict violence upon one another. Robbery, murder, sexual violence, nothing is beyond them. The police have to haul juvenile youths to jail almost every day on one charge or the other. If you are assigned to write a research paper on the treatment of juvenile delinquents, you can contact service for help.

Juvenile delinquency is a very hot topic right now. Fields of sociology, psychology, law, etc are conducting extensive research on this issue. If your course has the option, try to choose juvenile delinquency as a research subject. Some of the topics that can get you a good grade are listed below.

  1. A research paper on the treatment of juvenile delinquents. Is it a better option to punish them like other criminals or rehabilitate them? State which method will prove more effective and justify your stand.
  2. A study into the common traits that aid one to identify a juvenile delinquent? Research into some of the external and internal factors like abuse, mental illness, family problems as causes for such crimes.
  3. A study of the academic performance of a juvenile delinquent. What is the eventual academic standing of a juvenile delinquent? Do they succeed or fail academically?
  4. Analyze the role played by physical or sexual abuse faced by a child in making them a criminal later. Is abuse the most predominant factor that juvenile delinquents have in common?
  5. Conduct a study into the juvenile delinquent scene in different states of the country. How do the different states deal with the problems of juvenile delinquency and what are the laws implemented on them?
  6. Are the juvenile delinquents mentally ill? Study how often mental illness was the reason behind the committing of acts of juvenile delinquency.
  7. Study of the various measures by which juvenile delinquency can be prevented and reduced. Justify how and why they are effective.
  8. Research into the various rehabilitation methods used for the juvenile delinquents. Have they proven to be effective? Study the methods of this agency. Writing on such a topic requires a lot of research. One has to talk to the police and psychologists who can give you expert views. One also needs to have interviews with the delinquents to understand their view.

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