A Collection Of 20 Off Beat Marine Biology Research Paper Titles

The study of marine biology is an incredible experience. It allows you to get information about different life forms that exist under the water. It can even be quite astonishing, considering some of the animals and plant life that exists in the marine environment. Here are some good ideas to consider:

  1. Discuss the major causes of marine pollution today
  2. Highlight some of the important steps that can be taken to solve the marine pollution crisis
  3. Discuss the continued degradation of the marine and coastal ecosystems by human activity
  4. Explain how human activities negatively affect the lives of the marine turtles
  5. Coral reefs are a beautiful natural feature. Discuss the formation of these features
  6. Explain how the preservation of the marine biodiversity benefits from impure public goods
  7. Highlight some important steps that can be taken to prevent marine engine pollution
  8. Highlight the challenge that marine animals in captivity go through, and discuss why such activities need to be abolished
  9. Explain the impact that sea otters have on the marine ecology, and the importance of their presence
  10. Discuss the reasons why magnetic gradiometers are used in marine CSEM
  11. Discuss some of the challenges that scuba divers pose to the marine life, especially in exotic places like the Seychelles
  12. Discuss some of the reasons why proponents for animal rights of the marine animals still have a long way to go in their cause
  13. Citing relevant examples, explain why it is important to preserve the delicate marine environment in the oceans
  14. Discuss some of the procedures and steps that can be taken in order to maintain a marine reef aquarium
  15. Highlight some of the things that can be done in order to save marine wildlife from extinction, without removing them from their natural habitat
  16. Compare and contrast the concept of environmental degradation, through the perspective of primitive organisms and the modern day marine life
  17. Discuss the benefits of dredging, while at the same time minimizing the impacts on marine life
  18. Explain the benefits of the rainforests that are found in and around the oceans
  19. Explain how increased ultraviolet radiation affects the marine ecosystem
  20. Compare and contrast the economic and ecological importance of seagrass

With these topics, you can easily write a paper that should help you get the best marks for the task in the long run.

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