General Guidelines For Writing A Research Paper In APA Format

If you are going to write a study in APA format, you have to make sure to follow these guidelines. Doing this action will help you succeed in creating a formal document that will be acceptable in any kind of arena beyond the school. Here are some of the finer points using the APA format.

Fonts, Size, and Margins

  • First off, you have to type your documents on a standard size paper. It should have a size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. After this, you can and should put 1-inch margins on all sides. Additionally, you should use a fund that would be legible.
  • Particularly, Times New Roman is recommended. Furthermore, font size should remain at 12 points. This way, others will not have a hard time reading your own document when necessary.
  • Always try to include page header on the top of every page. This is also known as a running head. In addition to this, you should also include the page numbers on the right side of your document. After this, you can add the title of your document on the left side of the page.
  • Be sure to use all capital letters for the title at the left-hand corner of your page. Additionally, the running ahead should be shortened version of your title and should not exceed at least 50 characters.

Major Sections

Now that you know the basic format of the APA style, we can now focus on some of the major sections of your term paper. These are as follows:

The Title Page

It should contain the title of the document as well as the author’s name in the name of the institution to which the author belongs. The page header and number should also be included in this section.


This should include the running head as well as the page number and the word abstract on the top center of the page. After you have written these few details, you can start with a summary of your study. College editing services will definitely look for the summary in your abstract. Try not to indent your work. Additionally, your abstract should be at least 250 words overall.


If you are going to get a writing service, make sure that they follow the salient points and formatting. You should also take note of the format for the bibliography as well as other parts of the document if you want to become a researcher yourself. Pay attention to this service if you want to learn more.

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