Interesting Topics For An Extended Essay: 10 Ideas You Should Consider

Writing will always be an integral part of academia. On this premise, it is mandatory for students who find it a big challenge to craft academic papers to practice every day until they are able to come up with a masterpiece in any topic assigned. It is also important to take note that there are different types of essays. However, the type of academic writing one partakes on varies from one level of education to another. For example, in middle and high school, an essay is fundamentally narrative and in which case, creativity is the key to good performance in literary compositions. However, as one advances to college, things take a different turn or twists and in which case, write is based on practical knowledge. This is to say that one is supposed to go out in the field and gather information relating to a topic. In diploma studies, students partake on practical writing called extended essay composition. This always constitutes searching for a topic you have huge interest in and then proceeding to gather information on the same. Extended college articles range from a number of pages to many pages depending on the amount of information one will have gathered.

Well, to start off your writing of an extended essay, you need a good topic. To a student who cannot come up with his or her own topics, plenty of them await you in the web. Just make sure you pick on the most interesting.

  • To make this easier for you, this post outlines some topic ideas for you, so read further for details.

    • The debate nuclear weapons. Write an essay on the best way forward to controlling massive destruction weapons stockpile
    • Diseases and people. Write an article on the measures governments should take to combat ZUKA virus transmitted by mosquitoes
    • Has the world succeeded in combating HIV/AID? Discuss
    • Increasing cases of rising seas levels. Review Kyoto protocol in helping combat global warming
    • The impact of globalization in economic development of third world countries
    • Technology of the future. Review how Sci-Fi movies that predicted today‚Äôs technology
    • Women and war. The impacts of war on girl-child education
    • Write an article on forms of gender based violations women suffer during war
    • Politics and governance. Should U.K exit the EU? Give you reasons
    • The future of research in solving societal problems. What is the role of technology in research?
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