Crafting A Brilliant Research Paper About Language And Culture

Language and culture are two concepts that have a great influence on each other and society. You may be asked to compose a research paper about the interactions of these two concepts. To complete your task successfully, you’ll need to devote plenty of time and effort to it. Sometimes it's even better to contact professionals. Moreover, you’ll need to organize your work in a particular order.

How to Craft an Excellent Research Paper about Language and Culture

  1. Narrow down the topic.
  2. You should study a particular area rather than general concepts if you want your paper to bear a real meaning. For example, you may compare cultural features in different parts of Canada since there are two official languages in this country.

  3. Carry out a study.
  4. To answer the major questions of your topic, you’ll need to examine and analyze plenty of sources. You may need to read books, academic works, articles, and other textual materials. You may even need to watch some documentary films.

  5. Make an outline.
  6. Once your study is conducted, you should gather your notes and outline your project. The body of your project should consist of such chapters:

    • Introduction.
    • This where you provide the background of your topic, state your goals, and indicate the restrictions of your study.

    • Literature review.
    • This is where you list and describe the main sources that you used in your study.

    • Methodology.
    • This is where you thoroughly describe the actions that you’ve performed to achieve your goals.

    • Results.
    • This is where you present the answers to your main questions that you’ve come up with at the end of your research.

    • Conclusion.
    • This is where you indicate the value of your work by summarizing your main points.

    Show your outline to your instructor and ask them whether you need to make any changes in it.

  7. Write a draft.
  8. Follow your outline. Use clear language and maintain academic tone. Stick to the word limit stated by your instructor.

  9. Revise your draft.
  10. Look through every page of your text and correct all mistakes. Repeat the process several times to play it safe.

  11. Finalize and format your paper.
  12. Create the title page and bibliography. Apply proper format requirements to the document.

Avoiding Being Accused of Plagiarism

Make sure to quote your sources correctly in the text. If you use sample papers, don’t copy anything from them. Use a plagiarism checker program to make sure that your document doesn’t contain parts of the text that look similar to the contents of academic papers written by other people in the past.

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