A List Of The Most Recent Ideas For Research Paper Topics In Engineering

Numerous research papers have been written about different aspects of engineering. One almost thinks that there is nothing else to write about. Some have resulted to repeating old topics, making their work mundane. There is need to have captivating titles for engineering papers. What will define a captivating topic in engineering?

Make it Unique

Ensure that your topic is one of its kind. This only happens when you exercise creativity and choose your perspective carefully. Avoid what has been studied over and over. Read widely to see what information if already available. Should you find that others have written on your target area, find a new twist that will make your paper captivating.

Must be Relevant

The aim of any academic paper should be to solve an existing problem. As such, it will not attract any attention to focus on an area that is not of concern to the population or academicians in engineering. Identify the concerns as highlighted in news items, seminar reports, workshop recommendations, etc. It is easier for people to read and identify with an issue that is relevant to them.

Interesting to Read

The words you use in framing your title and the perspective adopted will either make it interesting or boring to read. A reader will not go beyond the first page if the title is boring. Choose captivating words for your research topic.


Readers are always looking for new information in engineering. It makes no sense to read on an area whose solutions have been provided. Identify the new concerns affecting people in engineering. It makes your paper more attractive to read.

Here are fresh research ideas in engineering.

  1. The role of governments in curbing data mining
  2. Are systems designed to fail so as to benefit developers?
  3. Sharable and searchable visually recognized elements
  4. The rising threat of cyber crimes and how to stop it
  5. Are building becoming weaker?
  6. The place of bio engineering in combating hunger
  7. When sophisticated vehicles leave you more exposed
  8. When will the robot replace man?
  9. When the most sophisticated jet disappeared without trace
  10. Social re-engineering to make people more human

There are different aspects in engineering. The topic should reflect your discipline or area of study. It must also be specific by creating boundaries that are indicative of the scope of your content.

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